CFSES Annual Meeting: April 9 - 10, 2015

The University of Texas welcomes all CFSES members and our External Advisory Board to our annual CFSES meeting on April 9 and 10, 2015 at our main campus. Below you will find an agenda of the meeting and links to the presentations as well as helpful links for different buildings on the main campus (location of the meeting, various labs) and the JJ Pickle research campus (location of the Bureau of Economic Geology, various labs). If you have any questions about the meeting, please click here to contact Ms. Barb Messmore via email.

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The Gulf Coast Carbon Center: Injecting over a decade of experience into geological carbon storage

Presented by Susan Hovorka, UT-Austin Bureau of Economic Geology

Subsurface Crosscut Initiative SubTER: Marianne Walck

Deep Dive Theme 1: Tom Dewers

Deep Dive Theme 3: Tip Meckel

CFSES 1 Review of High Impact Science (click title to download presentation)

CO2-Mediated Geochemistry and Caprock Integrity

Presented by Randy Cygan
Controlling CO2 Movement with Surface-treated Nanoparticles

Presented by David DiCarlo
Geologic Carbon Storage: Hazards, Long-Term Sealing, and Storage Security

Presented by Tom Dewers
Constraints on Magnitute, Rate, and Mechanism of CO2 Dissolution at BravoDome Natural CO2 Reserve

Presented by Marc Hesse
Time Lapse Monitoring of CO2 Plume Using a High-Resolution Seismic Inversion Technique

Presented by Sanjay Srinivasan
Cement Precipitation at the Crystal Geyser CO2 Field Analog Site: Observations and Reactive Transport Models

Presented by Peter Eichhubl

CFSES 2 Research Activities - Rapid Fire Presentations (click title to download presentation)   ** indicates presenter

Theme 1 - Geomechanics Theme 2 - Geochemistry Theme 3 - Multiphase Flow
Bridging Spatial Scales: Investigation of Leakage in a Natural CO2 Seep

Authors: Yashar Mehmani and Matt Balhoff**
Wettability controls on residual trapping

Authors: Eric Guiltinan and Bayani Cardenas**
Mesoscale fluid dynamics of two-phase flow

Authors: Mario Martinez** and Kirsten Chojnicki
Fracture propagation rate and pattern in rheologically complex systems

Jacqueline Reber**, Luc Lavier and Nick Hayman
Alteration of Mancos Shale by CO2-charged Brine

Authors: Anastasia Ilgen** and Tom Stewart
Predicting saturation in heterogeneous clastic materials via invasion percolation modeling

Authors: Tip Meckel**, Prasanna Krishnamurthy
Fracture propagation in Indiana Limestone interpreted via a cohesive fracture model

Authors: Alex Rinehart, Joe Bishop** and Tom Dewers
Compositional and Noble Gas Isotope Banks in Two Phase Flow: Changes in Gas Composition during Migration

Authors: Toti Larson**, Kiran Sathaye, Esben Pedeersen and Marc Hesse
Ganglion dynamics in heterogeneous porous media

Authors: Yifeng Wang**, Kirsten Chojnicki, Hongkyu Yoon and Mario Martinez
Double torsion fracture testing in controlled CO2 environments

Authors: Jonathan Major** and Peter Eichhubl
CO2 solubility in simple and complex brines containing Na+, Ca2+, Cl-, SO42-, and HCO3-

Authors: Kim Gilbert** and Phil Bennett
New insights on flow, transport, and mechanical processes in single fractures

Authors: Lichun Wang and Bayani Cardenas**
Coupled Compositional Geomechanical Plasticity Models for the Cranfield Dataset

Authors: Deandra White**, Ruiji Liu, Ben Ganis, Thomas Dewers and Mary Wheeler
  Intermediate Flowcell Experiment and Invasion Percolation Modeling

Author: Hongkyu Yoon**
3D Fracture Propagation Modeling using Phase Field

Authors: Sanghyun Lee**, Mary Wheeler, Jacqueline Reber and Nick Hayman
  Pore-scale velocity measurements in microfluidic pore networks using Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)

Authors: Kirsten Chojnicki** and Hongkyu Yoon


Map links for CFSES Annual Meeting Event Locations

1. Thompson Conference Center 2. Peter O'Donnell Building 3. The University of Texas Club
4. PGE Building 5. BEG Main Building - J.J. "Jake" Pickle Research Campus 6. Geology Department

CFSES Annual Meeting Main Campus locations

Main Campus

CFSES Annual Meeting Pickle Campus locations

J.J. "Jake" Pickle Research Campus


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