CFSES Annual Meeting in Albuquerque on Jan 10-11, 2017

CFSES members and our External Advisory Board attended the annual CFSES meeting on January 10th and 11th, 2017 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. On this page, you will find an agenda of the meeting (click here) and links to presentations (see below). If you have any questions about the meeting, please click here to contact Ms. Barb Messmore via email.

Visit our Flickr page for more photos of the event.

(pictured at left - CFSES Director Larry Lake presents scientists and students awards for 47 publications. Tip Meckel (UT), David DiCarlo (UT), Prasanna Krishnamurthy (UT) and Hongkyu Yoon (Sandia) won an award for a collaborative paper that came out at the very end of 2016.)

During the event, CFSES held an awards ceremony (click here to view list of awards) to acknowledge the hard work and strong publication record the center has achieved in the first two years of its most recent funding from DOE. The center has published 47 peer-reviewed papers in 31 different journals.

Special awards were given to:

Joe Bishop Anastasia Ilgen Yashar Mehmani Zhuang Sun
Kuldeep Chaudhary Matthew Kirk Pania Newell Luca Trevisan
Xiongyu (Jasper) Chen Prasanna Krishnamurthy Alex Rinehart Lichun Wang
Wen Deng Sanghyun Lee Jay Santillan Yifeng Wang
Ben Ganis Mario Martinez Kiran Sathaye Andrew Worthen
Kim Gilbert Colin McNeece Yuhao (Kyle) Sun Hongkyu Yoon


PI/Researcher with the most 1st-authored papers - Sanghyun Lee Post-doc with the most 1st-authored papers - Lichun Wang
PhD student(s) with the most 1st-authored papers - Yashar Mehmani and Jasper Chen MS student with the most 1st-authored papers - Zhuang Sun

Matt Balhoff (pictured with Larry Lake, above) won an award for co-authoring the most papers. 

Collaborative paper awards (between both UT Austin and Sandia) were awarded to:

Susan Altman Mario Martinez
Phil Bennett Tip Meckel
David DiCarlo Pania Newell
Peter Eichhubl Eugenio Santillan
Mark Hesse Sid Senthilnathan
Matthew Kirk D. Thomassen
Prasanna Krishnamurthy Hongkyu Yoon

Above left: Luca Trevisan and Masa Prodanovic at the poster session, above right: Scientists from Sandia and UT Austin discuss collaborative projects and publications.

Rapid fire presentations - Theme: Geomechanics
Author (Speaker) Title (Click to download)
Tom Dewers Geomechanics Theme Overview (30M)
Nicolas Espinoza Rock Mechanical Alteration Due to CO2-Charged Brine: Triaxial Testing on Crystal Geyser Samples (4.6M)
Zhuang Sun (Matt Balhoff) Discrete element modeling of indentation tests to investigate mechanisms of CO2-related chemo-mechanical rock alteration (2M)
Charles Choens The Effect of Hydrous Supercritical Carbon Dioxide on the Mohr Coulomb Failure Envelope in Boise Sandstone (1M)
Charles Choens Fracture Toughness of Sandstone and Shale at In Situ Conditions for CCS (1.4M)
Maryam Mirabolghasemi (Masa Prodanovic) Role of grain crushing in the alteration of mechanical and flow properties of sandstones during mechanical failure (1M)
Michael Aman Characterization of Chemo-Mechanical Alteration in CO2 Storage Rocks via Scratch Testing (1M)
Anastasia Ilgen Shale-brine-CO2 interactions and the long-term stability of shale caprock (4.65M)
Nick Hayman Insights from analog materials and rock microstructure into viscous and plastic rock responses (3.35M)
Ben Ganis Coupled Phase Field Fracture Propagation with Compositional Reservoir Simulation for CO2 Sequestration (1.3M)
Ben Ganis A Near-Wellbore Study with a Drucker-Prager Plasticity Model Coupled with a Parallel Compositional Reservoir Simulator (2M)
Rapid fire presentations - Theme: Multiphase Flow
Author (Speaker) Title (Click to download)
Mario Martinez Multiphase Flow Theme Overview (12.6M)
Tip Meckel, Luca Trevisan, P.G. Krishnamurthy Buoyancy-dominated flow in clastic materials: 1-3 (8.8M)
Marc Hesse Dynamic controls on convective CO2 dissolution at Bravo Dome (2.4M)
Baole Wen Dynamics and mass transport of solutal convection in porous media systems with two solutes or structural closure (3.6M)
Colin McNeece Geochemistry and transport of CO2 laden brine in the case of leakage (.5M)
Toti Larson Pore size control on CO2 dissolution rates (1M)
Tuan Ho Effect of cavity formation in aqueous solution on gas solubility (1M)
Lichun Wang Two-phase flow and reactive transport through rough fractures (2.7M)
Hongkyu Yoon Intermediate Flowcell Experiments and modeling for CO2 gas flow and transport (2.3M)
Alec Kucala Impact of Surface Roughness and Contact Line Dynamics on CO2 Migration (16M)
Keith Johnston Stabilization of CO2/water foams and nanoparticles in subsurface reservoirs (1M)
David DiCarlo Controlling Flow of CO2 Using Surface-Treated Nanoparticles (3.8M)