Blue Team Presentations

Monthly, we present highlights of our research to our funding agency as Blue Team Presentations. We list a few of these more recent Blue Team Presentations below for those who are interested in our research. The links will take you to the slides used in the presentation.



January 2018, no meeting



High Temperature Stability and Low Adsorption of sub-100 nm Magnetite Nanoparticles Grafted with Sulfonated Copolymers on Berea Sandstone in High Salinity Brine, Keith Johnston, December 2017

Density Fluctuation in Aqueous Solutions and Molecular Origin of Salting-out Effect for CO2, Tuan Ho and Anastasia Ilgen, November 2017

Discrete Element Modeling of Micro-Scratch Tests: Investigation of Mechanisms of CO2 Alteration in Reservoir Rocks, Zhuang Sun, D. Nicolas Espinoza, Matthew T. Balhoff and Thomas A. Dewers, October 2017

September 2017, no meeting

Heterogeneity, Pore Pressure, and Injectate Chemistry: Elements of Control for Geologic Carbon Storage, Tom Dewers, August 2017

July 2017, no meeting

The Influence of Interfacial Slip on Two-Phase Flow In Rough Pores, Alec Kucala, June 2017

Fracture permeability evolution in response to mechanical compaction and chemical dissolution, Lichun Wang and Bayani Cardenas, May, 2017

Shales at all scales: Exploring coupled processes in mudrocks, Anastasia Ilgen et al., April, 2017

Discrete element modeling of indentation tests to investigate mechanisms of CO2-related chemomechanical rock alteration, Zhuang Sun et al., March, 2017

Application of a pore-scale reactive transport model to a natural analog for reaction-induced pore alterations, Hongkyu Yoon et al., February, 2017

Reactive transport of aqueous protons in porous media, Colin McNeece and Marc Hesse, January 2017