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Thank you for visiting the logo / branding page for Sandia! We are happy to help with any files or documents you need when preparing for a presentation. If you do not see the file type you need listed below, please contact us and we will generate a version to meet your specifications.


Each "zipped" package has four versions of the logo (examples below). All files are 300 dpi, except the web files which are 72 dpi.

Stacked - blue Stacked - black Horizontal versions

**please note, in the Sandia_web folder, there are two additional versions: stacked and horizontal in white

Color usage:

Color RGB PMS / CMYK Hex / Web safe
Blue 0   172   217 PMS 312     |    C=100   M=0   Y=12    K=0 #00ACD9
Black 0    0    0 Standard Rich Black - C=75   M=68  Y=67  K=90 #000000



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Low-resolution (web) files: